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Fee Negotiation
Once Alps is selected as the General Contractor by the Client and/or Architect, a fee structure is established for the project. Generally, an A.I.A. Standard Form of Agreement is negotiated with our Clients.

Site/Location review
Alps is often involved in consulting in the early stages of selecting the property best suited for our Client.  We are able to offer our expertise in highlighting construction pros and cons for the sites being considered. At this stage, under the direction of the Project Team, Alps also prepares preliminary budget pricing for the options under review. The items and associated costs discovered in this process often determine the economic impact on the overall project.

Budget Pricing
Alps uses the Architect’s space plan, scope requirement notes, actual site reviews, and input from various Project Team members to prepare detailed budget pricing, which includes the needs of the Client as well as all site specific considerations.

Project Schedule
Alps prepares a project schedule, which is used as a tool throughout the pre-construction and construction phases. The schedule is updated to reflect the project’s progress. It is invaluable to Alps’ Team and Subcontractors in monitoring the pulse of the job, helping to maintain a smooth running project. In addition, the schedule is reviewed at the project meetings with the Client and Architect to identify any potential coordination conflicts and changes.

Services Value
Alps reviews the detailed budget pricing with the Project Team and revises pricing with their input.  At this time any value engineering ideas, cost breakdowns, and alternates are presented for review.

Budget Pricing Approval
After any necessary revisions, there is an approval of the budget pricing.

Long Lead Items
The next step in the process is for Alps to identify any of the long lead items needed to maintain the construction schedule. Actual Subcontractor or aterial proposals are submitted for approval. These Items are ordered and available as needed.

Construction Documents
Alps is available during the preparation of the construction documents for information or additional pricing. Alps then reviews the final construction documents and completes a detailed take-off from the plans.

Subcontractor Bidding and Analysis
Alps will procure a minimum of 3 Subcontractors' bids in each trade category to insure competitive pricing is presented to the Client. Upon receiving Subcontractor bids, Alps analyzes the proposals in each trade, comparing the actual job scope with the scope outlined in the Subcontractor proposals. A bid critique sheet is prepared for review with the Client and Architect prior to the award of the Subcontractor contracts.

Construction Pricing
Using the qualified Subcontractor pricing and any additional value engineering options from the Subcontractors, the final construction pricing is compiled and submitted for approval by the Project Team.